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on Fri Jun 12, 2020 1:50 pm
Welcome to the official CAL Court

In an attempt to make this game as realistic as possible, us hosts have come up with the concept of CAL Court. Here, if you feel like you have been wronged, you will be able to sue other players and their artists. To ensure that court proceedings are as professional as possible, we have set up some ground rules.
1. To file a lawsuit, all you have to do is post it in here. You can find terms here and here to help you make your lawsuit look more professional.  The suit should include the following:
- name, address and telephone number of the filing attorney
- court where the case originates (always CAL Court)
- identities of the plaintiff(s) (your artist(s)) and of the defendant(s)
- each allegation against the defendant(s) and the exact law(s) it breaks
- damages you want paid (be realistic and give reasons why you believe you deserve that amount), (the judge can decide to lower the amount if he/she sees it fit)

2. A thread for the court case will be created and one of the hosts will be assigned as the judge and another host as the second chair. The trial will proceed as follows:
- Each party posts a list of witnesses they believe should testify during the trial and a very short paragraph as to why. The judge can then decide which witnesses are needed for the trial and which not. If you are chosen as a witness and subpoenaed you (your artist) must appear in court. Otherwise they can be held in contempt and be fined anywhere between $200,000 and $2,500,000, depending on their importance for the case.
- The judge will then create a schedule with court dates and the itinerary. The defendant(s) and the plaintiff(s) can NOT book any daytime promo on those days. Witnesses can not book any daytime promo on the day(s) they are summoned
- The lawyers jobs will be to present evidence and examine witnesses. Witnesses will be examined by both parties' lawyers
- The plaintiff and the defendant's lawyers can request to put their clients on the stand
- After all the evidence has been presented, the judge and second chair make a verdict
- The judge can choose to to extend/shorten the trial if he/she feels it is necessary
- Your artist/their legal team will be able to post statements throughout the trial but these will not be taken into consideration by the judge and the second chair

3. The legal fees for each court case are $600,000 per party and will all have to be paid by the loser of the case. If player A sues player B and player A loses, he will have to pay $1,200,000. If player A sues player B and player C and loses, he will have to pay $1,800,000. This is in addition to the damages a defendant will have to pay if they lose a lawsuit.

Is there a jury?
No, there is no jury

Do I have to use a real life lawyer
You can use a real life lawyer or make up one.

Can I lie on the stand?
Only if you don't get caught. If you do its called perjury and you can be fined anywhere from $200,000 to $3,000,000.

What if one or more hosts have a direct conflict of interest?
If that happens then the host(s) will not be assigned as a judge/second chair. If more than 2 hosts have a direct conflict of interest, a substitute judge/second chair will be recruited.

Can I sue a judge if I feel they were being extremely biased or committed fraud?
Yes you can, but you better present evidence. Otherwise those are $1,200,000 thrown out the window

Can Discord chats be used as evidence
Yes, anything you believe helps your case can be used

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